Want To Sell Your Writing?

Set Goals To Get Visible

Welcome to the first issue of the newsletter!

Our first theme is selling your writing.

Sell your writing

Today, writers have it made. The world is our oyster, to coin a cliche.

You can write something in an hour which can change your life — or someone else's life. You can write something in eight hours which will make you thousands of dollars a day, and give you an on-going income for life.

Wonderful, right?

Yes. And no. Selling your writing is easy enough, but before you can do that, your buyers need to find you.

Words and money: the challenge

There's money in words, but there's a HUGE challenge for creators too.

It's this.

Writing is an art, as well as a business. These two activities require very different mindsets. How do you develop and maintain your creativity, while also focusing on hard-headed business strategies?

If you're struggling with this, I'm not surprised…

Please take heart, you're not alone.

Selling your writing is a struggle for every writer because to sell your writing, you need to be visible. Millions (literally) of other people worldwide want to sell their words. So how do you get visible so that the people who want to buy your words can find them?

Today's challenge for writers: visibility

Every writer needs visibility in today's world. Without visibility, you can't get buyers or readers for your writing.

A dangerous belief: "if I'm good enough…"

Before we go on, let's look at a dangerous belief some writers have about their writing. Either consciously, or subconsciously, these writers believe that their writing will sell without promotion “if it's good enough."

These writers write a book, or a short story or two. They may create a blog. When Lady Fortune doesn't shower them with gold, they're sad and disappointed. They decide that they're just not good enough to succeed as a writer…

Does this sound like you?

Believe this: if you can write an email message that gets a response, you CAN succeed as a writer.

Please believe it, because it's true.

I promise you that if you're reading this, you're good enough.

Moreover, all you need to succeed is visibility, and you'll need to work for it.

Set goals to get visible and sell

I coach writers, so I work with new and established writers every day.

Before we begin working together, each new student receives a questionnaire. One of the questions is: "what are your goals for your writing, in the next 12 months, and three years from today?"

So, what are your goals?

(Exercise) What are YOUR goals?

If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up in some strange places. So, before we go on, take a few minutes to jot down one major goal you'd like to achieve in the coming 12 months.

Also, jot down where you'd like to be, three years from today. What will you be writing? For whom? How much income will you be making, three years from today?

Please do this exercise NOW.

To write and sell, you must be visible

I started my writing career as a romance novelist in the early 1980s. I lucked into copywriting by accident. At the time, I was writing advertising and press releases in my day job. Not only did I have fun doing this, I also made a lot of money for my employer.

At the same time, I began writing magazine articles, which were published by major magazines in Australia like Australian Vogue and Woman's Day, as well as in many overseas magazines. In the 1990s, a magazine editor introduced me to an acquisitions editor at a global publisher. I wrote a series of business books for the publisher, and this grew into copywriting for major, global companies, as well as for much smaller companies, and into ghostwriting books and other materials.

My byline in magazines made me visible and brought me many opportunities.

If you want opportunities, you need to be visible too.

Want opportunities and writing sales? Get visible

You can’t make money writing without the help of other people, so you need to be visible.

Today, your visibility starts with creating a website, or establishing a presence where people can find you. Don’t want a website? That’s OK — you can establish a presence on Twitter or Facebook. Your own website is best, because when you play in someone else’s sandbox you’re controlled.

Get visible with a website: follow along if you like

Want to follow along with building a site which will sell for you? You can create your own site or just use the tips to make your current site more effective.

My “name” website angelabooth.com was online for over 20 years and went through many iterations. It needed another revamp, so I decided to start afresh with a new host and a brand new website. A major reason I decided to start from zero was so I can use site’s development as a teaching example for my students and readers.

If you check angelabooth.com you can see that at the start of October 2019 it’s a blank slate.

Here’s a question… If you want to create a website to get visible and sell your writing, what do you do FIRST?

Read the next issue to find out. :-)